Yanmaz Isıya Dayanıklı Testere

Yanmaz Isıya Dayanıklı Testere


  • Worm Drive Gearing optimized for metal provides power, precision and durability
  • Only left blade saw built with a blade window for clean and consistent cutting
  • Largest available chip tray holds 33% more than competitors for improved productivity
  • Saw features Cermet-tipped blade technology so it cuts quickly and virtually spark-free with minimal burrs
  • Dual-Field™ Motor increases power and extends tool life
  • Diablo® Cermet-tipped delivers 3x’s the life of a standard carbide


SPT78MMC 8 In. OUTLAW™ Worm Drive Metal Saw, 42-tooth Diablo® Cermet-tipped blade and Wrench (stored in foot)

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